Zero Carry 2.0 WB Holster 2.0 with Trigger Guard

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Zero Carry 2.0 WB Holster 2.0 with Trigger Guard

Zero Carry 2.0 WB Holster 2.0 with Trigger Guard builds upon the massive success of the first generation! Zero Carry v2.0 brings powerful new features to keep your rig safe and secure - still light and, as always, is still the zero bulk choice out of all concealed carry holsters. The lightweight Zero Carry holster ensures that it will minimize the amount of printing your firearm will produce when concealed under clothing

Zero means zero added bulk compared to all other concealed carry holsters.

Universally designed to offer the lowest bulk out of any concealed carry holsters. Zero Carry is the ultimate holster for comfort and compatibility. Zero Carry is perfect for left or right-handed shooters, adjusts to your preferred gun ride height, and fits all calibers (.32 ACP and up). Zero Carry will not harm your barrel and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Why Zero Carry®? It simply creates less bulk in your waistband. That means better concealment. When you place your gun in any other holster it creates bulk around the gun. This bulk can be seen right through your shirt or coat.

Zero Carry's Patent-pending design hides the bulk of the holster within the gap created by the gun. Essentially hiding the holster in space that is otherwise wasted. Doesn't take up any more space than a gun alone. Other brands add as much as 5/8" to the thickness of your gun! So, your nice, slim, carry pistol nearly doubles in thickness and bulk! Zero Carry is truly zero bulk. It is the most concealable and versatile IWB holster on the market!

Zero Carry can be worn front or back and is built for left AND right-hand shooters. One size fits all!


  • Trigger guard for added safety
  • Constructed of tough Nylon
  • Height adjustable to ensure proper ride height
  • Fits all autos
  • Requires no break-in time
  • Any IWB configuration
  • As slim as your gun
  • Fits up to 4³ barrels
  • Customizable barrel dowel
  • Fits 2" J" frame revolvers
  • Made in the USA
  • .32 ACP and up


Zero Carry 2.0 IWB Holster with Trigger Guard


This Zero Carry 2.0 WB Holster 2.0 with Trigger Guard will be delivered in 4 to 7 business days. If you wish to receive your purchase sooner, expedited delivery options are available when finalizing your purchase. Should you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Our courteous and efficient customer support team is always ready to serve you!

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